Hi, I'm Aiden Montoya, welcome to ServersFromSpace, a project unlike my others.
A project of Thought and Design.
A project of Photography and Memes.
A project for Aesthetics and Servers.
Lastly, a project of Application and Works in Progress


"A result of a bored guy over summer vacation needing something to do while he can't have his Coffee and didn't know what to do with AtlasONE.US" -Aiden ServersFrom.Space is a project to host files and provide webspace for any new developing projects aswell as experimenting for some new web tactics. ServersFrom.Space also contains Aesthetic.ServersFrom.Space which is mainly a project to create a webpage for pure design, the website will be inclusive of fades, thin fonts and more.


Coming Soon...

Header Color Codes

All Month Colors Are Randomly Generated Each Year

  • January - #FDF5E6

  • February - #E6E6FA

  • March - #A0522D

  • April - #2F4F4F

  • May - #00FF7F

  • June - #DEB887

  • July - #F5DEB3

  • August - #778899

  • September - #556B2F

  • October - #DA70D6

  • November - #FFFFE0

  • December - #BDB76B